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Tier 4 – Elite Hip Hop Company Program

This Elite Hip Hop Program is geared towards those dancers 8yrs & up that have a desire to take their Hip Hop training and commitment to the next level.  Audition is required for this Elite Hip Hop program. Your placement will be determined by our faculty and you will be placed into whichever team they feel is best suited for that individual (Roe, Minnows, Coho, Chinook or Sockeye). 


Within the Elite Hip Hop Company Program the students will be required to enroll and train in;

• One, 1hr OR 1.5hr Choreography class

• One, 1hr Technique class

• 3-4 mandatory workshops throughout the season held at the studio with guest instructors being brought in to further their training and Hip Hop styles.  Choreography may be used from these guest choreographers within their competitive piece.


Hip Hop Company dancers will compete in 3 competitions in the spring as well as the Year End Show held in June.  They may also be required to attend dance conventions where they are required to take full day workshops, training in a variety of genres .  Some travel is required within this program.

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