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Tier 2 – Full Year Performance Program

The Tier 2 Performance program is geared towards those dancers age 3yrs & up that want to dance in a full year program, have fun and experience the art of dance and performance. At The Village Dance Academy our philosophy is to make dance training fun as well as top-quality. All of our instructors are highly qualified and experienced to provide training that is up to date and of the highest standard. Foremost, our focus is on the student’s self-esteem; we feel each student is special regardless of their natural ability. A part of our service is to help our students feel good about themselves, be kind to others and experience a team spirit within their love for dance.

Classes offered within this program for dancers 6yrs & up include: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Acro. For our 2&3 year olds, we offer a Pre-Dance Ballet class. For our 4&5 year olds, we offer a Ballet/Jazz Combo or Ballet class and for our 5 year olds we also offer a Jazz/Hip Hop combo class. Additionally, we offer an ALL BOYS Hip Hop class!

Within our Performance Recreational Program, we offer the exciting opportunity to all students ages 2yrs & up to perform in our Year End Recital show held at the Kelowna Community Theatre in June, giving them the opportunity to perform on stage and be a star!!!

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