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We are a well-established dance studio in Kelowna with experienced and professionally trained instructors. We offer dance classes for everyone from 3 years old to adult. With a wide variety of dance classes within our Elite Company, Stepping Stones Competitive, Performance Recreational and 12 Week Recreational Program Tiers, there’s something for everyone.

These are the dance disciplines we currently offer:


Fast paced and highly energetic, Jazz dancing challenges the choreographer and dancers. Jazz dancers benefit from a sound working knowledge of ballet technique and, consequently, jazz dance curriculum commonly includes ballet training. Jazz technique also develops flexibility and co-ordination of the total body.


Tap dancing helps dancers develop a strong sense of music and timing. It is a highly energetic form of dance that focuses on exciting footwork, strength, and rhythm. Tap explores different rhythms, syncopation and musicality allowing the feet to make the music.


Ballet is a formalized type of performance dance that is primarily performed with the accompaniment of classical music. It is a highly technical and poised style of dance that incorporates the foundation of techniques for many other dance styles. It also teaches dancers poise, proper alignment, strength, coordination, flexibility, agility and gracefulness.


Lyrical dance is a fluid and graceful dance style that combines elements of ballet, modern, and Jazz dance techniques. It is commonly set to popular music with vocals or just instrumental bars. The goal of a lyrical dancer is to create emotion and use gesture, facial expression, and controlled body movements in order to fully express the story of the music. Due to its more advanced technical skill, Ballet is a prerequisite class for Lyrical dancers.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop dance is a high energy, highly stylized funky form of dance that started back in 1969 and includes a wide range of styles including breaking, locking, and popping. It incorporates exciting choreography that is primarily performed to hip-hop music. Breaking is a style of dance that involves the dancer using their imagination to execute all sorts of different moves like spins, freezes, fast and fancy footwork, and whatever else the dancer can create using the imagination. Most of this is done on the floor using the hands almost as much as the legs and feet. Popping resembles robotic movements, with sharp “hits” with the body, usually in isolated places. Locking started during the breaking days of the 1970’s. It’s a very funky style of dancing, includes sharp very placed arm and leg movements but while still keeping that “funk” or “flow”.


Contemporary dance is a more relaxed, free style form of dance that focuses on more natural, fluid movements. This style of dance centers on a dancer’s own interpretations and improvisation techniques instead of the more structured steps of ballet, allowing the dancer to express his/her creativity in a more free form of physical art.


Acro Jazz is a style of Acrobatics used specifically for dancers and is a very athletic class. It is a genre of dance which incorporates elements of gymnastics, jazz, balancing, tumbling and basic contortions. Acro dance class teaches dancers how to develop their flexibility and strength and learn some exciting Acro tricks that can be incorporated into our regular Jazz class and choreography. Some of the Acrobatic tricks learned include Handstands, Cartwheels, Chest Stands, Elbow Stands, Walkovers, Tumbling and partner tricks. Our students achieve their acro dance goals safely and effectively.

Jazz/Tap Combo

A fun introductory 45 minute class for 5-year-old’s, which explores rhythm, song, movement, body awareness, balance and creative expression. Combo is offered in Jazz/Tap where basic introductions to both disciplines are taught accompanied with a basic introduction to movement, rhythm and musicality. Children must be able to be independent of parents for this class. This class is only offered within our full year Performance program.


Our Pre-Dance program offers Ballet classes for your little princess that is ready to explore the world of dance! We offer two levels based on age within our Pre-Dance program:

  • 3 year old’s – 30 minute Pre-Dance class once per week

  • 4 & 5 year old’s – 45 minute Ballet class once per week.

These programs are fun introductory programs that explore rhythm, song, movement, body awareness, balance, musicality and creative expression. These programs are offered in 2 different variations, a 12 week Recreational Program as well as our full year Performance Program. (See “Programs” for more details) Children must be able to be independent of parents for these classes. All of our studios have viewing windows and we welcome parents to watch each class as your child explores the world of dance!

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